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Why Buy A Fireplace?


A fireplace adds the option for the homeowner to heat an area in the home at the specific comfort level desired, while being able to turn down the home heating system to conserve energy and heating costs.


Heat-N-GloTM Wood-burning Fireplaces—Two Styles: Clean Faced and Heat Circulating


Heat-N-Glo's clean face fireplaces allow finishing products such as brick, tile, stone, etc., to be places right up to the opening, giving the appearance of masonry for a substantially lower price. From a 36" opening all the way to a grandiose 56" opening, Heat-N-Glo clean face models are available in five sizes to fit the need of any homeowner.

Additionally, models RHW-415 and RHW-485 utilize a
fully insulated firebox that keeps the warm air in and cold air out. These two models also feature refractory lining for durability and heat efficiency and a sliding mesh screen.

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Quadra-Fire Wood Fireplace - 90,000 BTU


When paired with the massive firebox of the 7100, the Automatic Combustion Control provided up to 16 hours of uninterrupted, hassle-free fireplace performance. No poking, no stoking, no reloading. The 7100 can efficiently heat a 3,500 square foot home with up to two remote heat zone venting capabilities.

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