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Millions of people are going soft. They enjoy clean, conditioned  water every day. That’s because soft water keeps things cleaner, makes things last longer and saves you money. With a our Water Conditioner in your home, you’ll make your hard life disappear.

Using soft water saves you money on soaps and cleaners;
you’ll need less of them to get great results.

And soft water also protects your appliances and plumbing from damaging hard water scale buildup, and your sinks and fixtures from sticky soap scum. Best of all, clean, conditioned water keeps you cleaner because it rinses away soap and shampoo better than hard water.

With  advanced technology, you’ll get clean,
soft water without interruption 24 hours a day. And since they’re so efficient and reliable, Our systems require little attention. So relax and enjoy great water. You deserve it!

Clearion 2300,Continuous Softwater, Alternating Tanks

Clearion Alternating Duplex The multiple tank system assures you have soft water 24 hours every day, even during the regeneration process. One tank is always in service while the other tank is either on standby or regenerating. This system is ideal for households with larger families, multiple bathrooms and showers that are used often every day. The Alternating Duplex is recommended where treated water needs to be delivered at all times of the day. The Alternating Duplex is known as the Cadillac of water softeners.


  • 30% SAVINGS in salt and water by never needing a soft water reserve. Clearion Water Technologies introduces the 2300 Series Alternating Duplex Softening System
  • Faster, easier installation with new injection molded, one-piece Plug-N-Flow manifold
  • Simple adjustable valve programming makes changing salt setting and backwash/rinse duration easy to achieve peak performance
  • Options like soft water refill and up-flow brining make the 2300 very efficient
  • Simple 9 Volt battery backup keeps electronic meter active
  • Unique water savings feature: If in backwash cycle during power failure, valve motors to shut off position to cut water from continuously flowing to drain
  • Safe, 12 volt DC operation
  • Field tested and proven valve components for over 30 Years, which leads to simple routine maintenance

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