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Gas fireplace inserts are used to convert an existing wood burning fireplaces (both pre-fab and masonry) to a sealed gas appliance. They consist of a gas log set installed into a steel or cast-iron heat exchanger and are usually sealed on the front with glass. Many of these units have fans to move the heat, and are also available with remote controls, wall switches or wall-mounted thermostats.


These gas inserts are much more efficient than the vented gas logs, and the sealed fronts (glass) provide an extra safety factor. Quality gas inserts can provide BTU outputs ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 BTU and burn at over 80% efficiency.


Because of the high efficiency (very little heat goes up the chimney), the installation differs from that of regular gas logs. The flue outlet on these inserts is usually a 4" round pipe, and it is necessary to line the chimney to the top with a Flexible aluminum pipe or a B-Vent pipe. This assures a good updraft for the chimney. Some newer units use two pipes up the chimney, one to bring in combustion air and one to send the by-products of combustion back outside.


Recently, a new breed of gas inserts have been developed that do not need a chimney liner. These units are built to be less efficient than the regular inserts, therefore throwing a bit more heat up the chimney. The chimney can therefore draft well without needing a liner.


If you like the idea of a gas fireplace conversion, and are looking for a unit to provide supplemental heating as well as the beauty of a flickering fire, check out the gas inserts on this site, or contact our sales staff at 607-936-HEAT.



Heat-N-GloTM Gas Fireplace Inserts


Our gas fireplace inserts will restore the warmth and romance you desire from your existing fireplace.

Perhaps the most important feature of our gas inserts is the beauty and drama they add to your room. We think you’ll love the gas inserts!

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MendotaTM Gas Fireplace Inserts - 6,000-40,000 BTU


Why a Mendota?


In keeping with the Mendota tradition, the inserts are both dramatic fireplaces and powerful gas heaters that will heat a major portion of your home. They operate with the flip of a switch and can be controlled with an optional thermostat, wall switch or convenient remote control.



  • Up to 86.4% efficiency

  • Operates during power failure

  • Rated “Best Buy” value in gas fireplaces by Consumer’s Digest

  • Uses 100% outside air for burning, preserving room air quality

  • Antique red firebrick lined firebox

  • 4 sizes and 24 fronts to fit any room & any décor

  • Flames and heat are variable – widest temp range in the industry

  • Lifetime limited warranty

The Seabrook Centennial Collection


In celebration of Johnson Gas Appliance Company's 100 years of providing innovative, high-efficiency gas products, the Lippisch Design Group created a decorator series of Seabrook fireplace fronts. The exciting Centennial Collection will add a whole new dimension to your home's special place - a beautiful log fire when the fireplace is burning and a dramatic decorative statement when it's off.


The Millennia Series


Seabrook's popular Millennia Series offers a sophisticated linear look that boldly frames the fireplace. The stylish Millennia fronts make a distinct yet subtle statement that will enhance any room decor.

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Retrofire Gas Insert - 10,500-24,000 BTU


Retrofire Insert
Retrofire has been specifically designed for retro-fit installation into factory-built fireplaces that are often difficult or impossible to fit with conventional gas inserts. It also has application in masonry fireplaces, particularly those with arched or uneven facings. With the smart design of retrofire, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a highly energy efficient gas insert, while maintaining the open look of your fireplace.

Comes with programmable remote control for easy and convenient one-touch operation.

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Quadra-Fire Gas Inserts  - 18,000-42,000 BTU


Quadra-Fire Gas Insert

All inserts have a powerful variable speed blower and are approved for bedroom or mobile home installation.

The TrueGlow Burner, an exclusive from Quadra-Fire, sets a new standard for realism. The ceramic burner is molded from real wood pieces and coals. Flames rise from gas ports distributed throughout the glowing coal bed and lower logs, producing an incredibly active and varied fire. No need to hide the burner anymore, the TrueGlow burner proudly takes center stage, with an appearance that is phenomenal whether it’s burning or not.

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Valor Gas Fireplace Inserts


From Victorian to Modern, Valor has the insert to fit most every size fireplace and décor. Comes with programmable remote.


Choose a Log Effect or Coal Effect fire! Stove modulates from 6,000 to 20,500 BTUs. Black Cast Iron. Rear or top vent.


Heat without a fan! When the power fails, your Valor won’t! No electrical hook-up required. Specially designed heat exchangers are incorporated into every Valor fireplace to naturally circulate warm air be convection. A fan is still offered as an option but it is not necessary.


With the included remote, you can manually adjust your flame height, set a time and temperature to turn your fireplace on and off to wake up before you do, or use the automatic mode to adjust your fire up or down to maintain the room temperature that you set.

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